Hi, I am Stefano

Hi, my name is Stefano and I am your host.

I live in Riomaggiore, a unique and special place that every day gives to me the opportunity to meet hundreds of people from all over the world. With many of them a strong friendships grew up. So, during my period off, I started to visit them in their own country and that’s the way I discovered my passion: traveling. 

After Europe, I started traveling farther andfarther. The last countries I have been visited in the last years are Thailand (crystal clear water, smiling faces and an overwhelming nature), Cuba (a proud people that fought for liberation but still looking for freedom), Japan (where I soaked myself in its millenary culture), Tanzania (the most beautiful starry sky I have ever seen in my life), Vietnam (a country reborn, pulsating with the will to grow to the future, but which future?), North India (where spirituality is the other side of the coin of poverty). I have no favorite destination. Every place is different and charming as well. Perfums, flavors, colors, people, cultures. A single lifetime is not enough to discover the whole world!

I decided to get a host just to have the feeling that I can keep traveling even during the long period I work, meeting new people, listening to the stories and their travels. And at the same time, sharing the story of the Cinque Terre, this unique place in the world that I would like people to know through my eyes.

Ciao Bella is a place open to everyone and represents joy, curiosity and love that I feel when I face every day of my life!

I look forward to mee you!