Holistic massage: a touch of armony and relax

The massage with essential oils uses various relaxing and decontracting massage techniques together with the healing properties of the essences to achieve a state of general bliss and harmony.

It aims to restore the well-being of individuals as a whole, using the healing properties of the oils to act on the person holistically on the psychological, emotional and spiritual components, as well as physical.

The use of essential oils, combined with professional manipulation and massage techniques, has an amazing effect on the nervous system and it is very useful in treating some disorders caused by muscle tension and energy blocks and emotional closures, according to the holistic vision.

Here are some direct benefits of Chiara’s holistic massage:

• obtain an increase in vitality

• improve sleep quality

• decrease stress and anxiety

• increase muscle and joint resistance

• improve blood and lymphatic circulation

• improve flexibility and mobility

A massage lasts 1 hour, then you will talk about the sensations you both felt in front of a relaxing herbal tea.

Lenght: 1 hour and 30 minutes