Cinque Terre are suggestive lands where all the elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire – coexist in harmony, releasing all their power. Drinking at the spring of such beauty is a way, for those who visit them, to live an authentic experience: discovering precious wealths, natural, cultural, enogastronomic and spiritual.

An all-round experience

Each trip is a precious opportunity to discover unknown places, but also to dedicate time to your passions or to get to know yourselves a little more. That’s why Ciao Bella offers you various experiences to enrich your stay with many activities: cooking classes and wine tastings but also yoga lessons, meditations, aromatherapy massages, reiki sessions and incredible highings with meditation.

Our rooms

Are you a backpacker or comfortable traveler? Do you like an informal atmosphere or do you prefer elegance? Do you travel alone or with your family? Ciao Bella offers the chance to choose between different rooms and apartments with completely different style and offers.

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